Nero Install Question please



Hello there

I’m new, first post, know nothing,

But I do know that the less junk I have on my computer the more I like it. If I get Nero 6 (cheap) do I have to install all the applications or can I just install the burner and maybe one or two others?

As a matter of fact, if I -do- just install the burner and maybe one or two others, is all the rest of the stuff still going to be wandering around in my computer invisible, or will it just stay on the install disc?




As far as I’m aware you have to install everything.

But then you can go to program files and find the Ahead folder and start deleting.
I, running with only “cover designer”, “Nero Startsmart” and the “Nero” folder.


Basically, Nero is divided into packages, as seen here:

Just installing Nero will install the first package, which doesn’t include anything malicious you wouldn’t want running in the background or anything. Going hack and slash into the Nero folder doesn’t really sound like a great idea to me, either. The main Nero package will be fine.


If you look in the Ahead folder NOT the Nero folder you will find numerous “sub programs” which, if not required, can be removed. The Nero folder should be left alone.


I installed everything except for INCD. It was all good for me…


Thank you, gentlemen.

I think I’ll give it a whirl. We’re talking about an older machine so I guess either it’ll work or it won’t. Roxio Easy CD 6 didn’t.

I just don’t like big complicated stuff.



Just installed Nero on another pc. Then went to the Ahead directory and deleted everything but the Nero and startsmart folders. This removes nearly 100 meg of unneccessary files. Then ran crap cleaner Then jv16 powertools 2005 and finally regvac You need to bear in mind the usual warnings about back ups when using Reg ed programs but when you see the amount of crap that is on many machines I think it is worth it. When done properly machines load faster, programs run faster

good luck


Dont know how old your machine is, but I’m running it on an athlon 900 (compaq) that is about 10 years old, and it works fine,