Nero Infotool

I’ve got a problem with Nero Infotool. It starts and crashes after a few seconds.

Please help

I have the same problem after installing Clone CD

Yes. The cause is the Virtual CloneDrive.

Goto :

CloneCD Tray --> Virtual CloneDrive --> Number of Drives : Disabled

Good luck = Lycka till ! :wink:

P.S. :cop: -->

The tray

Virtual CloneDrive


Tack för tipset = Thanks for the tip

All right :wink: Det var så lite.

Hopefully it worked.



Yes! That did it!. I was working on this this morning, rebooted, then did a new download. Nice to know that is was so simple. Thanks.:smiley:

And moreover, it’s nice to see it working and helping ppl :smiley:

There are some clever ppl on this forum :bigsmile:

Thanks BoSkin :bow:


Originally posted by Techmeister

There are some clever ppl on this forum :bigsmile:

Are you really sure about that ? No kidding ? :bigsmile: