Nero InfoTool v1.03 has been released

I just posted the article Nero InfoTool v1.03 has been released.

Erik Deppe, one of the developers from Ahead and responsible for the software in the Nero Toolkit has released a new version of Nero InfoTool v1.03. The software is able to detect the features that…

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This might be a great tool… If it wasn’t for the fact that it reboots my computer everytime I start it. Does it both on Win 2000 SP2 & 3 and also on Win XP & SP1. I think it’s because of my Promise controller but since those are becoming a standard on most motherboards I think it’s stupid that InfoTool doesn’t work with them.

Been bundled with Nero, worth DL’ing otherwise

Chronic, The rebooting issue does not happen on my PC with Windows XP and Promise controller so bring this issue to one of the forums … maybe somebody there has a solution …:wink:

In the previous version DVD+R and DVD+RW were checked off as being readable with my Pioneer DVD-114! Now with this new version they are NOT! :frowning: