Nero Infotool showing 974kb buffer size for ad7200A

Why is this? Is this normal? Using Nero Infotool that came with Nero 7 premium. If I put some DVD in, and start it playing, then start the infotool, it shows buffer size 1280. And when drive is idle, it shows that 974kb for buffer size. Using original firmware 1.01. Should I upgrade to 1.05 to get it right? Or is this something to do with Nero? Is it actually now showing somehow used buffer? Any other tool to check details from this drive? Please please help…

1.05 has corrected this.

But is it any harm that it shows like that smaller buffer size? In case I don’t want to do flashing. Is it still using 2mb buffer in reality, even it shows it wrong? Besides that, drive is working like it should.

I think 1.05 is a better firmware than 1.01.
At least my results are saying so.

Ok. Did flash it to 1.05 now. Seems a lot faster with any response now. And now showing 2mb buffer size. Just had a bad experiences with my old LG GSA-4160B flashing procedure so was a little paranoid about flashing:iagree:

Thank you.:bow: