Nero Infotool reports corrupted ASPI

Nero Infotool is telling me that my system ASPI installation is corrupted. Could this be why I have problems with my dvd-r burns? How can I fix this?

You can fix your ASPI installation by removing ASPI with KillASPI then reinstall ForceASPI:

Which is the best ASPI driver to use? I had Adaptec but read where alot of ppl were having problems with this particular one on their computer. Are there any others to use that are better?

Version 4.60 is the most widely used version. This is the version that ForceASPI installs.

When I run Nero InfoTools, it shows that I don’t have a system ASPI. I haven’t had any problems yet not having a system ASPI (just Nero ASPI), so do I really need it. Also, is v.4.60 recommended for Windows XP as well?

No, you don’t need it for most software. Some older software was written to work with ASPI and not with SPTI at all. SPTI is a feature available to administrator users on Windows XP/2k