Nero Info Tool

Ok Problem solved…well not solved, but a worked round.

I have 3 optical drives and disabled them all? tried the info tool and it worked so through a proccess of Elimination tracked it down to the CD RW??

The only thing I can think of is that its on the same cable as the hard drive with the CD rw being slave…what do you techies think?

Hm… i have my 2 harddisks on one controller and my 2 optical drives on one controller, because (i would assume) a harddisk and a optical drive on one controller slows down to the slowest drive, maybe this is the problem :/.

I don´t think that this is a problem, but one thing you can try is to check the jumper settings of your HD and the CD-RW drive. and be sure that they are set to master and slave. The CD-RW is maybe set to cable select and this may cause your problem with Nero Infotool.

H3…have taken a screenhunter pic of the info tool to show my config?

Have the same issue with my setup. I’ve found that having a disc in the drive when it does the scan (which it does when you run it) will sometimes avoid the problem. On my 3500, having CDs in the drive will still cause the freeze/reboot bug, but having a DVD disc (blank or full) in the drive causes it to just scan, no problem.

I’ve since shuffled my drives and moved the burner to the motherboard controller, and put a hard drive on the promise. So far, that’s sidestepped the problem. Still no idea why it happens to begin with.