Nero Info Tool

Anybody out there could help me please

I am using Nero and using the Nero info tool…as soon as it opens the whole PC freezes and I have to reeboot…something strange is going on :frowning:

Hopefully one of you nice guys have a sollution :bow:

Maybe this version works with your pc.

Thankd for replying …nope that froze my PC as well :frowning:

Let me know if you have problems again…

As I said in previous post… PC totally froze. On looking at the nero site there is a bit about it but it has gone way over my head.

The Info Tool hangs/locks after launching. What do I do?

We have found this to occur with a few Add-On IDE controllers.

In most cases the problem is due to a CD-ROM, DVD-ROM or recorder being connected to an Add-On promise IDE controller, but there may be others. To test, connect your drives to the internal IDE controller on your motherboard and see if this resolves your issue.

We recommend the SIIG Add-On IDE controller, as this has been thoroughly tested and found not to cause such problems.

Do you have connected the drives to the mainboard controllers?

Maybe you haven’t installed aspi correctly, look into my signature for aspidrivers.

If I understand you correctly…what you are saying is that my cables or drive letters are not configured right?

A little story :smiley:

This PC is only 1 week old, built for the 1st time by me :smiley: I have 3 optical drives fitted to it.

it was down the board.

E DvD Rom

I then changed them round using the disk management so they read.


Would this be the problem?

No, i only meant that the drives have to be connnected to the mainboard controllers.

The drives are connected to the main board…unless I’m missing something obvious :frowning:

Tryd Aspi?

Being a newbie…what does aspi do?

Am a bit apprehensive on changing things and making the pc worse :frowning:

The Aspi Drivers are the interface between hardware and OS, just a moment, writing a guide…

here we go:

Go here -

Extract the file (normal path: C:\adaptec\aspi )

Go to C:\adaptec\aspi, start aspiinst.exe

“Install” then “Reboot”

then start “Aspichk.exe” and look what sentence is displayed in the box at the bottom of the window (Should be “ASPI is properly installed and fully operational”)

Ok… I will have a go later when I pick up some courage :wink:

What will happen if it goes belly up…can it be unistalled if possible…knowing my luck?

Thanks for the help (y)

InfoTool Freezes on me when I have my external firewire HD plugged in (to mobo firewire port). I have to use TASKKILL from the command prompt to close it. If I don’t kill the process in this manner, my pc will eventually stop responding. If I disconnect the external HD, InfoTool works fine. I should note my external case uses the prolific chipset. A mistake on my part.

Good Luck!

Just a personal opinion, but this new Nero is really buggy. I noticed that I also get the total screen freeze mouse and all with this version. I get it in Nero Burning Rom and Nero Info Tool and Nero CD/DVD Speed. More so with Nero CD/DVD Speed as of late. I’m quite confident that there’s really nothing on my pc that could be causing this problem. All drives are connected properly. All cables are good and properly attached. No dust. UDMA on all drives are enabled. All drives are connected with “Readers” and “Writers” on different ide channels. Bios is ok. Power supply is ok. All drivers are up-to-date. Windows XP Pro itself has all the latest critical updates and service packs. All of my other softwares are up-to-date and they don’t freeze like Nero . Mainboard, ram, cpu, etc… all check out and are functional with no hardware conflicts. Everything boots up fine. System Registry is also showing no signs of software conflicts, bad registries, etc… I also turn off my screensaver and virus checker when burning. I still get the “freeze” problem now and then. Never had this problem in Nero really freezes up everything!

I would go back to the previous version of, but it doesn’t fully support my Nec 3500AG DVD+/-RW drive.

I believe Nero InfoTool and CD/DVDSpeed are seperate programs from Nero (Burning ROM). InfoTool.exe (version 2.27 is the latest, last I checked). CDSpeed.exe (version 3.30). So there is no need to switch to an older version of Nero. You can simply try using an older version of the above two files (download and copy the version you want into the “Nero Toolkit” subdirectory where nero is installed.

Thanks for the reply, Skith. Hmm. When I installed Nero it installed Info Tool and CD/DVD Speed for me. With that in mind, you’re saying that I can still install older versions without having to uninstall Nero Burning Rom?

yes both programs can be repalced by simply deleting their .exe file in the toolkit directory. both are standalone programs which do not actually install.

Well, thanks for the help Skith and Iss! I downgraded to Nero CD/DVD Speed 3.23 and so far no frozen screens. That Nero CD/DVD Speed 3.30 just was really buggy for me. I couldn’t get through a test session without it freezing up. A real pain! I was suspicious of it from the start. I guess upgrading isn’t always the best thing to do. Compatibility is more important. Thanks so much! Later.

It used to happen when my Yamaha F1 was on the Promise controller :

InfoTool-Promise issue