Nero Info Tool - Error recognizing DMA on slave drives

I recently ran Nero info Tool and was surprised to find that my primary slave drive indicated DMA off. My primary master and secondary master were still on DMA. Wasn’t sure where the problem was. I checked the Intel Ap Accelerator and it indicated DMA on on all drives. Ran Western Digial diagnostic tool and it too indicated all were DMA. I un-installed Intel App Accelerator and checked Nero Info tool again and all showed DMA on. Re-install Intel Ap Accelerator, latest version, checked Nero and once again, primary slave indicated DMA off…
From this I can only assume that Nero has a conflict with Intel App Accelerator properly recognizing DMA on slave drives. It does make me question whether this would have any impact on NeroVision Express that rarely manages to complete trancoding any of my progects before crashing. Any comments?

P4 2.4
1 gig DDR400
XP Pro SP1
Primary Master - WD 80 gig
Primary Slave - WD 120 gig
Secondary Master - NEC 3500AG

Remove the Intel application. Boot to BIOS and verify that ALL HD/optical drives are detected and set to use AUTO detect. Reboot and remove the Primary and Secondary IDE channels in Device Manager. Reboot and set devices 0 and 1 in bothe Primary and Secondary IDE channels to use DMA mode. Reboot and verify for proper detection.

Done all that…Once I re-install Intel AA, show dma off again. Un-install Intel app, dma on again without doing anything else. Do you have Intel AA installed without this issue?

Why do you insist in reloading IAA?

System feels snappier…
I’ve read in AfterDawn forums that others have had this problem.
Is IAA not woth having?

Intel’s site mentions this problem with Nero Info Tool (not sure of a link, you can search it yourself) in known issues. They say it is Nero’s problem. Nero, I don’t believe, has taken responsibilty either. In any case, they haven’t gotten around to fixing the tool to work with the IAA. Don’t sweat it. DMA <I>is</I> on and it shouldn’t affect your performance any. At least, that’s what I’ve convinced myself :slight_smile:

Thanks for the reply. I agree with you that its on regardless of what info tool says. I have run at least 3 diagnostic tools all saying its on. Got an email back from Nero support saying remove IAA and that will solve my problem…No shit!
Thanks again Z.

I use Nero and DVDD frequently and I have the IAA installed (with an Intel 850E Chipset, P4 @ 2.4) and notice no problems I can attribute to this. Good Luck.