Nero Info Tool : DMA issue

I have Nero and 2 hard drives on my PC ( O/S WinXP). The Nero Info Tool shows DMA ON for Drive C: but OFF for Drive D:

I also have Intel Application Accelerator (IAA) installed which shows DMA ON for both my drives. Is there a compatibility issue with Nero and IAA ?

IAA and Nero do conflict. IAA if i am not mistaken changes the behaviour of IDE devices so Nero and its aspi drivers are not able to control the IDE devices correctly. Uninstall IAA and then run the Nero cleantool. That should fix your problem.

I run IAA 2.3 with Nero InfoTool also indicates that the slave drive on my secondary IDE channel (in this case a DVD-ROM drive) is operating with DMA off. IAA indicates it is in UDMA2. By speed testing the drive, I have proven that InfoTool is in error and that the drive is indeed operating in DMA mode. I haven’t found any issues (other this “cosmetic” problem) using IAA with Nero or any other software for that matter.

I agree - IAA is recommended by Intel for its hardware and I dont see why I should uninstall it just so that nero’s info tool produces the right result. Instead Ahead should tweak its product so that the conflict with IAA is solved- a problem which has been there since Nero version 5.

Yah, you would think. I assume Ahead has had bigger fish to fry… I guess I could send a bug report to them. Have you ?

I have sent them a bug report at least twice - all I got was advice to uninstall IAA .

I have IAA. First it showed wrong DMA for slave (NEC 2510A) and that the drive was “in use” So i swapped my Lite-On CDRW with NEC. Now it showed wrong DMA for both and both drives were in use. I reinstalled IAA and gained access to the NEC (master on the secondary IDE) but the Lite-On is still wrong and “in use”