Nero indicates that burn was succesful but disc cannot be read

O K I have the following very frustrating problem. I have been using Nero for a long time now and I have found it to be very reliable. So, the other day I decided to backup all my important files and reload all my software from scratch. After formatting my disk and loading some of the essential software that I always use, I popped in my burned CD’s and to my surprise the CD drive cannot read it. It simply does not access it. Sometimes it stays for a long time trying to read and freezes or slows down the other applications running at the same time. When I burned the CD’s everything went fine. At the end I got the message that the burn process ended succesfully, no errors, warnings nada!. So I assumed that everything was O K. The drive reads other CD’s written not too long ago. Anybody know what can be the problem?. More importantly, does anybody know if there is someway to access the data the I burned?. If Nero said that the burn process was succesful then these CD’s must contain the files, right?. Any help will be appreciated.I forgot to mention that I initially used version 5.5.10 and then downloaded the latest 6.6 demo version and both indicate that they are burning succesfully but then the computer won’t read the CD.

That’s because you ASS U MEd that the burns were okay. Did you write in ISO mode? Were the discs finalized? I only use 16X write speed with DVD-R media.

Go to Circuit City and see if those display drives can read your media.

It could also be crappy media. I did a ‘successful’ burn on some iffy media and NOTHING would play it. All I could do was burn the project again; the second disc worked fine.
So,check your media… is it quality stuff or not?