Nero InCD v6.1.0.400: UDF Packet Writing Software

Which, ‘UDF Builds’, does Nero’s InCD packet writing software support? Such as the Plain build, (Random Read/Write Access), the VAT build, (Incremental Writing) and the Spared build (Limited Random Write Access)?

These ‘builds’, would apply to the following revisions:

UDF 1.05 (revised, Feb. 4, 1997)

UDF 2.00 (revised, April 3, 1998)

UDF 2.01 (revised, March 15, 2000)

UDF 2.50 (revised, April 30, 2003)

UDF 2.60 (revised, March 1, 2005)

Therefore, do they support some builds, in some revisions, but not in others.

Do they support all builds in all revisions? I would surely appreciate it if anyone knows the answer to this question. Then, one could have a pretty good idea, of the performance, one should expect from this software?

It would be so simple, if the Manufacturers of software, would include a technical specification sheet along would their proposed products, then one could know what they should expect to get, before they buy it.

Additionally, would anyone happen to know, the answer to this same question, as it pertains to, ‘Sonic’s/Roxio’s DLA (Drive Letter Access)’ software, and also the same question as it pertains to, ‘uLeads BurnNow’ data writing software.

Thanks to all in advance, or anyone, that can shed some light on this subject.

Incidentally, I Emailed Nero about another issue previously, and was courtetious and to the point, following all their guide lines and procedures. Excuse my spelling, no spell check provided.

I never got any returned Email reply, nothing. I decided then I would never communicate directly with their organization again.

Some insight please, it would shed a lot of light on what’s going on with this software that is supposed to write to rewritable discs, “like they where a big floppy”!

Thank you kindly,