Nero InCD problems

I formatted some DVD-RW in order to store and add family photographs, which are terribly important to us.
I saw all of the data after writing to the DVD and since had a system crash.
I now can’t read any of the data, even though in Nero it shows the DVD as having in excess of 3gB of data.
Can anyone please help me to recover the data, we are desperate, please mail us
Regards - David :bow:

Did you format the DVDR with InCD? Then you need InCD to extract the contents of the disc and not Nero Burning ROM. Nero is used for compilations, InCD for packet writing (which I think you did). When you want to store something that’s important to you I would always recommend you write a standard compilation with Nero or even two so you always have a back-up disc. Packet writing is not recommended for long time storage. Good luck and welcome to the forums, duffield999!

Also install the UDF Reader…it Helps a Lot…