Nero & incd issues

any body had issues with Nero 7 and in cd v5?
i have just moved from Nero 6 to 7 , when you try to access a disk cd-rw or dvd ram it crashes and re boots.
the only other software that is “new” is i have put on Zone alarm security suite? (from ZA internet suite)
all virus checks ok,
all memory ok,
all drivers new and up to date.
i have “removed” incd and it wil read only a disk.
any packet writing software that is better please??:doh:

any help please

InCD is crappy software, enough said…

guess what , removed Zone alarm and all ok
reinstalled ZA v6 all ok,
downloaded the “up grade” v7 -vista compat. etc and boom !! no go. :Z

theres the answer , dont have incd with ZA v7 or dont have ZA but incd, your choice :bigsmile:

ps any other software that does work??

Better is: don’t have crap vi$ta.

[QUOTE=chef;1959099]Better is: don’t have crap vi$ta.[/QUOTE]
now now my friend chef how are we tech people supposed to tell microsoft what wrong with their new version of windows if we never install it

would it not be better if those people like us who are always trying something new, find out whats wrong so that the general public will end up with a better product