Nero/InCD/BTC 1004 DVD burner

I recently bought one of these DVD burners, and it works fine, except… first time I cloned a DVD to a DVD-RW disk (to see if I’d done it OK, and not waste a DVD-R) it worked fine. I erased the disk, and tried to use Nero to clone another test to it. The DVD-RW is not being recognised now. The Nero Help file says that installing InCD should add commands like “format” to the drop-down when you right-click on an RW disk, but I haven’t got them. Tried another disk and got the same problem. It’s almost as if Nero is treating the RW disks as DVD-R’s - ie, once they’re written, you can ersae files, but you don’t get the space back! Anyone help? I’m in work so haven’t got the vesion of Nero with me, but it’s 5.5 something - it was bundled with the burner, so it should work with it (he said naively).


I’m not sure which version of InCD you are using but I believe that upgrading to should help you to resolve your issue. You shouldn’t have trouble to get format and erase entries in the drive context menu with this update.