Nero InCD is out



The new version of InCD version is available at the ahead website.

the previous version didnt work for me. the new one seems to work just fine. one thing I didnt like about the new one is they did away with the send to on the right click menu but I added the CDRW to my send to folder and it works now. and you cant eject the CD from right clicking the InCD icon in the system tray anymore have to right click the drive icon and choose eject. other than that it seems to work pretty well so far.


Sorry to dampen your enthusiasm, but several serious issues have not been resolved:


Figures, I checked out the helps menu and it says you are supposed to be able to right click the inCD icon and eject the disc that does not appear on my right click nor does the disc eject by pressing the eject button on the drive. I have to eject thru the drive icon which is a pain.

everything else works ok though. but all in all it doesnt amount to an improvement over the version 3 of InCD think I am going to go back to it until they work out the bugs in 4.


Agree, go back to v3.5.24 it works.

I just cannot get the v4.x to work in 98 or XP.

Keeping up with changes is a nightmare - What is the MRW format, and why does v4.x format and then show CD-RW as full.

So then they think I’m going to buy Nero 6 - think again - why buy problems !!!:bigsmile:


Doesn’t work for me either (on two systems). I did see that they now add a “service” when installing on a XP system.

I went back to 3.5.24 and now it’s acting strange. My DVD drive will no longer read a InCD disk, but the CD-RW drive reads it fine.

I’m really getting tired of trying these updates and getting messed up from them!


jimshu1 - if you formated the CD-RW’s with the new v4.x InCD, then as I had to, re-format with v3.x InCD and it will work fine again.

Other point, can you please reduce the Text of your Sig to 8pt please and use other color - suggestion only - do as you like :bigsmile: :bigsmile:



Under XP SP1 (note SP1!), DVD-ROM drives read UDF 1.50 (non-MRW) discs natively, but to read MRW (Mt. Rainier) discs one needs EasyWriteReader (750,220 bytes) from

Don’t use other versions of EasyWriteReader.


Thanks, good info!

I reformated, per pcbugfixer, but unselected the CD-MRW format. Everything is back to normal.

If you don’t mind the twenty minutes of format time for FS_UDF formating, why would a person use the CD-MRW format?


You are welcome, jimshu1! :cool:

MRW is supposed to have better management of media defects, but nobody knows which firmwares (if any) comply with the MRW specifications.