Nero In CD & Roxio Drag To Disc?

I have Roxio easy CD 6 with drag To Disc installed and I wanted to install Nero but when I try to install the “In CD” part it says that I have uninstall Roxio First?

My question is, will I be better with the Nero In CD or the Drag To Disc ?

I have never used In Cd?

Is it like the Drag to Disc where you can right click an image and save it to a CD right away like the Drag to disc?

Which is better?

Thank you for the help :slight_smile:

In reality? Drag to Disk. You can write to CD-R and CD-RW with Drag to Disk, where InCD only writes to rewritable media. Packet writing software is iffy at best sometimes…but Drag to Disk is better developed at this point. InCD still has lots of bugs. I would leave Drag to Disk and install Nero without the InCD. Should work fine.


Thanks, Bob

What about the newer version of In Cd?

Is In Cd and Drag to Disc about the same?


Yes and No…

The newer version of InCD is the same ol same ol…think the major change is that it writes to DVD-RAM, where the new Drag to Disk (7) also writes to DVD-R. Again…remember that Drag to Disk gives you the ability to do multisession like writing on CD-R, DVD+R and DVD-R.