Nero-import and edit vob,no sound

I have Nero 6.3 OEM. Using Nero Vision Express, I see the menu option
Make DVD…DVD Video, which I think indicates the DVD video Plugin
has been detected.
I continue to import my vob files from my dvd. While analyzing/importing,
Nero shows me a dialog box that says someting about Dolby and needing
to upgrade to Ultra or buy the plugin.
When I continue, my files are in, I can edit, the video looks great,
but there is no sound in the preview or when I burn my project.
So, I like the user interface, I am happy to buy the plug-in or upgrade
to Ultra, but I just need someone to tell me that doing so will work for me.

I think the plug in should solve your problem, but I would search the Nero forums for more information. The people that frequent those forums will probably be able to answer.