Nero ImageDrive



Does anyone know of a program that will allow me to queue Nero CD images (.nrg or .iso files) to Nero ImageDrive for continous non-stop playing of my CD collection.
Basically I would like to automate the proccess of loading CD images to Nero ImageDrive like in a real jukebox.
If there is not such program do you know of a guru that could write such a program. I have lots of ideas on this front and I am looking for someone to help me get them to the web community.


Why not just rip the tracks from the cds and play them all in winamp?


Sounds like a good idea, however it is not an option for me for three reasons.

My colection consists of 7436 CDs. It has taken me more than 2.5 years to copy them in the form of CD images.

Ripping them as tracks would take me at least twice as long and I will also loose the quality of the original since encoding will take place.

I am a music fidelity fanatic and anything that reduces the quality of the original is a sin for me, since my sound system will immediately show any weakness in the fidelity.

Additionally no media player on the market will be able to adequately handle the number of tracks. Plus when I need to copy CDs to take with me on my notebook is easy because I only have one file to copy.

I have developed a very sophisticated multiroom system and this is the only functionality missing.

Sorry MP3 or even WMA (which is superior in my opinion) are very low quality options for my taste.



:eek: Thats a lot of cds you got there.

You don’t have to rip them as MP3, WMA, OGG… they are lossy formats. You could use Monkeys Audio or Flac, these compress the cds using lossless compression so it will be the same as the original and will save you space compared to having isos. Loading 7436 CDs worth of music into a player would take quite a while even if the player did support that much music. You would need the music player to some how tell nero drive image to change the iso (or Alcohol 120% as it can also load just about any cd image into its virtual drive too) when its finished playing. I think posting your problem at would be a good idea. They are experts when it comes to stuff like this :slight_smile:


Thanx RaWShadow. I have followed tyour adive and posted the same question to

A very serious and advanced forum. Thanx again for the tip.


Okay i been thinking.

Use Exact Audio Copy to make a wave file + cue sheet. You could compress the wave with monkeys audio to make it smaller. Play the wave or monkeys audio file in winamp with mp3cue. This way you will have just two files, a cue file and the audio. Name the audio and cue file to the name of the album and put it in its own folder. Then just add all the wav or ape files to winamps playlist. :slight_smile:

Thats the only way i can see you doing it although you would need to convert all your cds and images to this though, and you can tell EAC to use online cddb to name all the tracks for you, not sure if you can already do that with your nero images.


It would be possible to write a Visual C++ Program that would automate your mounting of iso’s. I could write it… or reccommend someone esle who could as well.


I’m about to do the same thing as You’ve already done (with less amount of CDs, of course)… If I copy the audio CDs to .nrg images - will they be identical copies (=no encoding done) to the original CD? I believe that is the case; but would appreciate some feedback on the issue. Is there, for audio CDs, any other image format than .nrg to be recommended?

I’ve been readig Nero’s User Guide, where they mention that the quality of the drive used to read the audio CD actually influences the quality of the created file. I interpret this as true for “ripped” audio files, but does it also apply to a .nrg kind of CD copy?



7436 cd’s…OH! MY GOD!!! that’s an insane amout of cd’s, are they all original?
if they are then it must of costed you a fortune to buy them!!! You can open your own cd store!!!