My mate is running XP home edition and has 2 IDE CDRW’s (the makes fail me), anyway, a few days ago an extra drive showed up and on querying with SYSTEM in CONTROL PANEL it showed as the above device. Every time I uninstall it (and the cdroms) and reboot, the little *&""(& comes up again.

ASPI layers are present and he is using EZ CD CREATOR 5 and (until recently NERO) I uninstalled that yesterday. The problem arose before I uninstalled NERO…

The problems are that they will sometimes burn data and sometimes create disks with ‘corrupted data’ on them. On loading one of these disks in, a windows xp message say’s that the data is corrupted…this happens now to 90% of his disks he burns.

Any ideas?

thanks a lot.

Try to re-install OS but before check Master/slave jumpers, cable connections, udma enabled, etc.

thanks a lot tho I think its unlikely the cable/jumpers/master-slave relationship may have changed because it was working perfectly well before something was done on the software side (suspect I installed Nero)

thanks…will try the reinstall. Any other takers…

Well if you think it’s nero uninstall it first and then see if everything is ok!

lmfaoo tried that…

isn’t life grand??

Change OS?

Originally posted by Oz.
[B]Your “friend” has obviously installed Nero ImageDrive, which is an addon to Nero itself.

It’s a CDROM emulator, you can remove it from Add/Remove programs.

Change OS…pfffffff :eek: [/B]
Yeah, I was gonna say…

yeah, thanks everybody for the advice - will go over tonight and try.