Nero ImageDrive has messed up my CD-R



Hi, I was wondering if anybody would be able to help me.
I recently upgraded to Nero v6.3.1.10.
I had no problems at all with it until I noticed the new version of Nero I had enabled the mounting of a virtual drive with ImageDrive.
I previously was put off doing this by some bad experiences my friend had with Daemon Tools, but I thought I wouldn’t have any problems with a Nero product, so I enable ImageDrive and mounted a disk image.
After a while I notice my cdr wasn’t working so I disable ImageDrive.
Since then I’ve tried everything I can think of: removed the drive from System in Control Panel, rebooted and added it again, Uninstalled Nero, and even physically removed the cd-r, rebooted, shut down, put the cdr back and rebooted. Nothing works.
When I put a cd in the drive it makes a rather pathetic whining noise and acts as if there is no cd in the drive.
I have Windows Me, a dvd-r drive, and cd-r drive (the one that isn’t working).
I’d be incredibly grateful if anyone could help me out here.