Nero Image File



I have the OEM version of Nero that came with Sony DRU810A.
That would be version Sony OEM version.

Other than copying the image file to a blank CD, is there any way
to read the directory of the Image file to see a list of the contents?

I realize I should have been keeping a log – but did not do so.




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What image file do you have exactly? How do you created it? What is the file extension? Is it .ISO?


The image files are Nero .nrg files.


Sorry for my question, but how do you obtained that image files?


Created a list of files to compile from Hard Drive using Nero, then used the Image Recorder to create a .nrg file on Hard Drive.

When I wish to copy compilations from .nrg files, I use the File Open command and then burn .nrg to CD/DVD. This copies the entire contents of the .nrg in their original form to the new CD/DVD.


There are at least two different techniques available for accomplishing what you want.

The first technique is to use a tool that can open the image file itself, and show you what’s inside. IsoBuster is a Shareware/Freeware tool that can accomlish this, and you can do this with the Freeware license. Another tool that can do this and much more is UltraISO which is a Shareware program.

The second technique is to use a Virtuel CD/DVD drive emulator and then “mount” your image as a virtual CD/DVD on the virtual drive. If you have the full Nero suite, you can install the Nero ImageDrive option which is capable of handling ISO and NRG images. There’s also Alcohol 120% (commercial software) which is a full-fledged Virtual CD/DVD drive emulator. And there’s DAEMON Toolswhich is a free Virtual CD/DVD drive emulator.


Another possibility can be to burn on a rewritable media and then extract only files you want.


Even with a modem dialup connection, you would be able to download IsoBuster and install it and open the image before that burn finished.

Not that doing it your way wouldn’t work of course. :wink:



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