Nero IMAGE DRIVE Problems!

Hiya all !!

My friend in Canada (a newbie to burning) installed Nero recently. However, she’s accidentally installed Image Drive (well, it is too easy to click in the shortcuts !! )
Win 98SE. Nero Downloaded, same functions as mine exactly.
Its installed as “Drive E” (her burner is on D) No other drives are used.
I realised what she’d done, but shes somehow involved it in a burn. It now shows as “Nero Image Drive E” to view these ( pics ) I discovered it is represented in Control Panel, and as an uninstallable program… Is this correct ?
I told her to uninstall it, which she has done… However, It now shows her burner as the Nero Image Drive, and the proper Burner Drive ( D ) as… " Nero Image Drive 2" !!! lol

Theres very little in the FAQ’s about Image drive (not to be confused with Drive Image ) A post by Spooky.
Google has not much, just a few comments on various sites.
Nero help file/ FAQ’s has nothing I can find
Seems that someone made it, no-one supports it !!

Anyone have experience of this, and how to get rid of it ??! :smiley: :smiley:
What a game…: )
Thanks for help, Maybe it will go away after a few boots !!

Al Bags UK.:slight_smile:

maybe see if the image drive shows up in your hardware profile, and remove it outta there? or type msconfig into the RUN box, and see if imagedrive is set to run @ startup which it probably is, and just tell it to not :wink:

Hi ! Yes, thanks for the ideas, seems weird that it would create or change Drive D to Image Drive 2!!
This thing doesnt seem to be used much by anyone ??!! I dont at this stage want to go the route of installing, just to find out how to uninstall !!

Best Wishes…Al Bags:)

Further,after a few more checks, Hardware profiles is “Original…”
It is uninstalled
It is not in msconfig “start up tab” anywhere.
There is an icon/entry in ControlPanel, but this is now inactive “file not found…” etc
In Device Manager it shows 2 drives… Nero Image Drive and The burner. They now are listed in properties as Image drive “D” and Burner “E” !!! lol:bigsmile:
Removing this entry seems to do nothing.
Tried it in Safe mode, too, without any success.

Any more ideas from any ( ?? ) users of this lovely Nero add on ??
I believe any discs burnt in the time being will use this daft drive !

How about a sledge-hammer ??
Cheers, Ahead !! Well developed, like bloody spyware !!

Anyone have more ideas ?? Im out of them?

Al Bags. :wink:

It also appears in the add/remove programs list under win98. I installed it to see what it did, didn’t see much use for it and uninstalled it. The uninstaller removed it completely.

Hi, Guys, thanks for your replies !
And thanks for the field testing Phil…you got more puterguts than me !!:smiley:

The next step was to remove all Roms in safe mode and reboot, but Ill look for the SCSI entry, too and do that

Keep you informed !!

Regards !! Al Bags :slight_smile:

hey just run C:\WINDOWS\UNIDRV.exe