Nero Image drive problem

Nero Imagedrive wont read correctly image files .nrg which are very large(near 4.7G limit). These image files(created by nero wont read also by deamon tools emulator also. Only isobuster reads them correctly. Does anyone else have the same problem? (nero Image drive

PS. Maybe its not the image size, but its type i.e both images i tested were Mode2 and also larger than 4,500,000KB(about 4.37GB, 1GB=1024*1024KB).

I have the same problem with .nrg images created by Nero Recode 2. Sucks pretty much as I wanted to use these images to check if my recoded DVD works correctly. It’s a pity that Daemon Tools do not read them as well, I was about to try them instead of Nero Image Drive… Perhaps a solution is to convert the .nrg images to .iso and afterwards loading them.


I just managed to get the 4,7 GB .nrg images running with VirtualCD It seems that Nero ImageDrive and Daemon Tools are not able to deal with images of that size.


there’re more softwares that do the same things that nero Imagedrive do?

Virtual CloneDrive: (last one)