Nero --- Im having trouble burning DVD

Hello, I recently got NERO Burning ROM for my new DVD RW (BenQ 1620). It has been great for making movies from pictures from trips ive gone on. I have had no troubles with getting those to work in DVD players, but when I tried to burn a DVD movie that I have, when I play the burned DVD, it pauses at every scene, and I have to manually make the player change scenes. I have tried other DVD players and I get the same result. I dont know why this is happening and what Im doing wrong.

In nero I choose DVD Movie, its creates a folder called VIDEO_TS and AUDIO_TS. I put all the movie files in the VIDEO_TS folder, I press burn. When I load it up on multiple dvd players, I get the menu, and can choose scenes and everything, but during play of the movie when ever a scene ends, it doesnt automatically switch to the next scene.

Any Idea what I might be doing wrong?

When you play the DVD video files from your computer (for example, in Nero Showtime) do you exhibit the same behavior? By manually make the player change scenes, do you mean you press the next button? Also, what brand of DVD discs are you recording to?

When I play in Nero Showtime or WinDVD it runs normally. This problem only occurs when I use household DVD players. (I have tested it on 2 players and get the same result) On one player I have to press the skip button on the player to move to the next scene, and on the other player it just gives me a read error at the end of the scene i would watch. Im using Memorex DVD+R 8X disks.

Your DVD players are most likely having trouble reading the Memorex discs. Try a different brand (try to stay away from cheap media) and you’ll have better success.

Note: by cheap, i dont mean price. I mean the quality of the discs. In general, japanese media will be more compatible that other media.