Dear all,

I’m using NeroSDK (the latest version V1.04) to add Burning functionality into my application.
Unfortunatly I noticed some problems with the IdleCallback (NERO_IDLE_CALLBACK). Accoring the manual the control of the application is transferred to the DLL “during writing” or in “several long running funcitons”. Erasing a disc with NeroEraseDisc is a function, which can take quit some time, but there is NO IdleCallback!
Also during Buring (using the function NeroBurn) there are some phases, where there is NO IdleCallback. Immediatly after calling NeroBurn there is NO IdleCallback for a period of several seconds to minutes (depending on the amount of data/files to burn). During the Phases “Reading Directories”, “Creating Directories”, “Checking Directories”, “Writing to cache”, “Testing Speed”, “Writing lead-in”, “Writing tracks”, Writing lead-out" the IdleCallback works well. But during the phase “Verifying disc” there is NO IdleCallback again. In this phase the disc is ejected and reloaded, I measurend around 20 seconds for this phase. During the phase “Data Verification started” IdleCallback is available again. After finishing Verification the disc is finally ejected again. During this phase there is also NO IdleCallback (6-7 seconds).
Did someone else also observe this behaviour? Is there a solution/workaround? As it works well with Nero Burning ROM 6 there must be a solution.

Best Regards,

Hi - sorry, no answer to your problem. But if your still checking this thread - did you get anywhere with this? I have the same problem with multi-file burns taking forever before the first callback is invoked.