NERO: How to make CD Covers into Jpegs?

Is there a way to save (or change) a CD cover made in Nero into a high quality picture file - Jpeg or Bmp?
Thank you.

i have been looking for how to do this for some time, i guess if you have adobe acrobat to print it and then use adobe photoshop to open the image. or you oculd use print screen, but text looks pixelated, i dont think there is a way to save as jpg though.

ben :slight_smile:

Yeah, using PRINT SCREEN is no good. Not high quality enough. I was wandering if I saved my cd as a template, would it be more accessable by imaging programs.

i looked around, couldnt find anything :frowning:


Thanks anyway. If I had a Scanner I would Have no pproblem.

Does anyone else know how?