Nero - how do I identify tracks when burning?


Having scoured the online help manual and the one on my hard drive, I am still in the dark.

I have Nero 5.0 installed and it is working fine.

I have a large MP3 file of approx 700MB which is a mixed piece of music.

I would like to say to Nero, this is where one track ends and another starts, therefore allowing my cd player to recognise the number of tracks, rather than one big track lasting 76mins !

I have been told that the facility to put track markers exists but I am unaware of how to do it…

Any tips would be very welcome


Don’t know if it possible for Nero to accomplish this, but it is possible with CDRWin (or Fireburner) and making your own *.cue sheet.

For that you can search this forum, I know it has been described before.

Perhaps it is possible in Nero too…but I never heard of it

There’s a plug in for nero to do this!
Don’t know where to get it!

I think perhaps that you mean uncompressed MP3’s. How on earth did you actually get a single piece of music to be 700MB? Thats about 74minutes of a single track.

To break a wav file into sections, you’ll need a wav editting program like wave edit pro, or even a simple program like the wave editor that comes with Sound blaster liveware 2.X.

There are is also feurio which is dedicated to this end, and is a dedicated audio cdr software.

Found the answer peeps…

Erm I have a piece of music that is approx 70mins long cos it is a mix I have recorded off my decks…

Easy way to do it is…

Use the wizard on Nero 5.0 to say" Complie a cd"

Go thru the steps until it leaves you to browse for the file you want to burn.

Select the mp3 file (or whatever format you have)

Drag and drop it into the “Audio2” window.

Then right mouse click onit and select “Properties”

The second tab on the window that comes up is called “Indexes, Splits and Limits”

It will show you a nice picture on the Oscilloscope. From here you can listen to it and place splits where you want them.

My music is a mixed peice of music, so I want to tell Nero to recognise where I mix a new track in and out. Place a split and then do the same again for the entire mix.

When finshed click ok

It will prompt you to ok the piece of music being split into say 11 tracks, (whatever you specify). I also made sure it burned with a zero second gap.

This works fine, it take u back to the Audio window and you will see however many tracks you created / nominated.

Then burn away…


Thanks for the info. I’m not familiar with all Nero’s features and this really helps :wink:

This is indeed a very handy thing Nero can do! Have used it a few times before and does the job great!
Good of you that you found it yourself, saved me allot of typing! :stuck_out_tongue: