Nero hogging CPU

First time poster here, so if this question has been posted before can you please guide me to that question and answer, thank you.

It seems that Nero-6 is hogging the CPU at 100% when I try to burn a DVD, is this normal for this to do that? Or is there some settings I can change to fix this problem?

I’m running windows XP - 256 RAM - 1.47gig AMD Athlon XP

Thank you

Is the drive on PIO or UDMA, look in control panel, device manager, ATA / ATAPI controllers Primary or secondary ide channel depending where your writer is positioned if unsure check all(also this is heavily documented in here so do a search for more info if needed), if any are on PIO change to UDMA, also close all internet connections, firewalls, virus killers and anything running in the background thats not needed, also make sure you have the latest updates for nero as some of the older versions especially is exceptionally buggy.

for some nero tasks there is a “task priority” selector at the bottom, and settig this to to low will give other programs priority over it, however i dont know if there is a way to set the priority down when burning other than pressing Ctl+Alt+Del, going to tasks and finding the nero.exe (or what the program .exe is called) and setting the priority to low, however i have never tried this and so it may cause poor burns, from the specs you gave you should be able to fairly easly burn dvds, so it may be that you have to many programs (or even spyware virus etc) running in the background, to find out if this is the case, check what capacity your cpu is running at when you have no programs running and are just on the desktop, hope this helps, ben :slight_smile:

ps. as jonnyboywalton, yes nero is very buggy :iagree: and so i would also recomend updating, althogh it may not be as simple as that :sad:

Thank you very much for your reply… I checked the PIO and UDMA and the Transfer Mode is set for DMA if available. The Current Transfer Mode is set for Ultra DMA Mode 2.

Normally they only things I have running are Sygate Firewall, Norton, and a pop-up stopper.

I have the latest updates for Nero.

I don’t think I will be burning any more DVD’s, it seems that my TV DVD player doesn’t like DVD-RW… So it’s back to the CD-RW, except I can’t burn all that I want to burn on one CD-RW. I’m unsure how to make the audio or video quality smaller for an AVI video. Can I do this in Nero?

Thank you.

I guess my topic has kind of change a little. But I wanted to know how do I do these things that Nero suggests to make my project smaller. I can’t seem to find any settings for the items listed in the image… I tried searching at the Nero site, but I came up with nothing.