Nero help!

Might as well post it here too. :bigsmile:

I am trying to burn a dvd. It’s my first time. I have it backed up on my HD. Just need to use Nero to burn it. I tried burning one a couple days ago but didnt have much luck. I just went try it again today, and when I open up nero I get an error message saying “InCD currently accesses one or more recorders. Please eject these CD’s and then restart Nero.”

Any tips on how I can get around this?? Thanks.

Are you using a rewritable by any chance?

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Might as well post it here too. :bigsmile:

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Oops…sorry about that. :o

I am using DVDR’s.

uninstall InCD then if you want to use InCD for whatever reason in future reinstall it and see if they both work together alright. uninstalling it should solve the problem.

The thing is, I don’t even remember DLing InCD? I was just using the demo version off of nero’s webiste. Does that have anything to do with it?


Did you d/load a file called Incd41510.exe from nero as this is Incd and part of nero though not required by nero to function properly. This program has been known in the past to cause conflicts on certain computers, though I never have experienced any when I have used it in the past. Just go to add/remove programs and uninstall InCD from your PC this should solve your problem.