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I am using Nero and a HP8200i. I am trying to make an audio cd, I have it all laid out and ready to go. I am trying to burn using cd at once. When I click on burn cd it appears to write the table of contents(up to 3% completed) and then stops. It tells me that there was a buffer under-run error.

I have the audio files saved to the hard drive so I know it can read them fast enough. Does anyone know why I am getting this error? Please help!


Can anyone help please?


Go under the forum “General CD Chat” and find the string under the subj “why am I always getting buffer underruns” by cyborg, and there is many tips from many smart people. I don’t want to re-type it all again under your question.


Thanks alot!


get nero or wait until version 5 comes out – soon, i hope.


I think your windows registry’s are a mess.
I advise you to format your harddisk and reinstall windows, i think nero will not give any problems after that


I think you are right, I have had burners now for about 3 years. I am not a newbie, and I have checked all of the easy settings. For some season though, only with Nero, The writer will write the TOC and then try to start writting the data but will end with a “data streaming” error shortly after starting. Does Nero have some kind of “bad” serial number protection?

Is it possible that the serial entered has rendered the program useless?


no, i have legal ver. of nero and same problem occurs. it started with and still happens with



You have the same problem? What kind of burner do you have? Is everybody having this problem?


got creative labs cdrw 4224 firmware 1.36. worked perfectly in 4x speed with nero up to ver. now after successful simulation it hangs up just at start of burning giving only different error messages. wasted lots of cd’s, damn it!




Are you use the Creative Labs Serial Number? If you’re not, it will not work correctly. The following is listed at the Nero home site:

Users of the Creative Blaster® CD-RW 4224 may get asked to input a serial-number for using Nero. In this case, please use the following Serial-number to unlock Nero:


This version of Nero and the serial number are working with Creative CD-Recorders only

Hope this helps…


thx WhoDo. i didn’t put this s/n coz i got nero free in box when i bought creative burner. then every time i was updating nero, it never asked for s/n and was fully working. it wasn’t locked. anyway i can try to put this no. and see what happens.
thx again