Nero help



Just wondering if anyone can help or offer any advice. I had a CD write which came bundled with Nero and if I was to install Nero with the writer you could download the latest InCD version and use it on the computer. However, I have now bought a new CDRW drive which also came bundles with Nero (actually Nero express this time). If I install Nero express which came with the new writer and go to install the latest version of InCD I get a message saying that InCD cannot be installed as you need to buy a licenced version. Just wondering if anyone can help or offer any suggestions.

Regards Steve


if you are trying to install inCd 4 that is why you are having the problem. InCd 4 does not recognize the license for nero 5.5 as being a valid one. at least not on a clean install.


well it works with a clean install with nero with my old writer, but not with a clean instal with my new writer and nero express 5.510.13.

any ideas



oem versions of nero that come bundled with cd burners only work with the drive with which they came. u’ll have to upgrade ur license if u want to use it with a new drive.


yes i am aware of that the nero which came bundeled with my old writer nero 5.5… as above will allow me to in stall incd 4

my new writer which came bundeled with nero express 5.5… as above will not allow me to install incd 4

any ideas