Nero help

OK so i record stuff from my dvd recorder, transfer to the pc and use nero to add a simple menu

I’ve so far made over 13, but now i have a new problem, normally when i press “burn”, it does the job in less than 2 hours,

But now it take bloody ages, it encodes the new files fram by fram by the looks of it, i’ve figured the problem comes from this one line–

Video SmartEncoding ratio: 12.9 %

What determines the 12.9 bit :a

smart encoding means it only encodes frames it thinks are not in spec,if you put in a mpeg which is dvd compliant it will just author and not encode the mpeg just the menu.

This is exactly the steps i take, where do they files become non dvd compliant:-

Record a program for 1h40m in SLP
Copy files onto hard drive

Record a program for 3h in EP
Copy files onto hard drive

Open NVE import files, edit files, add menu: and then it says it will take 9h’s :a

Probelm solved

Solution? Forget nero use TMP!