Nero help please

Hello, i recently brought a philips dvd burner with lightscribe. I installed Nero version 6 that came with the drive, but when i loaded up vision express 3 and selected a video file (any file) it would play only sound and no video then nero would crash there after it would crash (with no error message) everytime vision express loaded, until windows xp was restarted. So following advice from elsewhere on the net, i totally reinstalled the os, and installed nero 6 first of all. Sure enough it does the same thing again, just crashes everytime you try to use vision express 3. So i followed advice again, and upgraded to nero 7, with a fresh os system (again), it still does the same thing. Nero will record cd’s but anything video related and it just crashes every single time. So far i’ve not even manged to record a single dvd, simply because nero will not even let me get to the burning screen.

Please help, i’ve tried everything now and still nothing, it’s driving me crazy.

Computer :
pentium 4 2.8ghz
512mb ram
120gb hdd (with about 100gb free)
128mb nvidea graphics.
os : windows xp sp1

Try updating all your system drivers, sound, video, chipset etc… also MB Bios.

Nero Vision 3 is for making movie, dvd’s etc. it’s not made to watch them?
Are you talking about nero show time? Can you explain exactly what you are trying to do. And please give more details on your hardware and software configuration.

Did you download and install the latest nero 6 and update your copy? link

Are you overclocking? If so try it at stock speeds.

What mother board are you running? If it’s newer than xp sp1 you need chipset drivers or at least an inf installer. If your running a intel 865 or 875 board see link.
It’s a little dated put very useful.

Basic install
Install xp, install any os updates, sp1 etc. I run sp2 and recommend it.
I slipstream service packs and install xp with sp2. link

chipset drivers, use the latest for your chipset.
DirectX 9c (if not using sp2)
Video drivers, use the latest unless you know better.
sound, nic etc.

What are you using for a power supply? a weak or under powered psu could cause similar problems.

Test your memory, cheap or bad memory could cause similar problems.

Try a different video card.

Hope this helps

hi, it freezes in the edit/preview modes of movie maker. But some times you can get sound with no video, but most times it will just crash as soon as you click the preview button. This also happens the same with Nero’s recode software.

The computer i am trying to run nero on is a quite old machine, but its all set at factory settings so i don’t think its overclocked. However it might need all its drivers updating, Do you know any sites where i could get most of the main drivers from.

Oh one other thing, i currently use nero 7 software on my laptop, which is newer but not s fast, but it runs superb on there.

Thank you all with your help so far. it’s much appriciated.

Windows XP movie maker? If so the problem may not be nero related.
We will need more info.

Can you give more detailed hardware specs. Mother board brand/model/bios version, video card brand/model/driver used.
The procedure used to install windows and update drivers, drivers used etc.

What versions of Nero 6 are you using? For nero to work close to correctly you need 63125 or higher. For Nero vision express 21221 any thing before these were bad. The early versions of vision express 3 were very buggy. I recommend the latest versions of both nero and vision express.

Have you downloaded the latest nero 6 installers and updated?
You need package 1 and 2.

hello, you know the edit mode in nero vision just before you burn a dvd. Well thats where it freezes and no longer responds. I am now using Nero 7, but it still does the same thing, so i think it must be driver related (somewhere lol).

I am not to sure where to find the name of the mother board or any of it’s details. The video card is a Nvidea geforce 440 with 128mb video ram. also i recently installed Age of empires 3, and that gave a warning about my video card drivers may be too old to run the game. Well the game runs fine with the old drivers, buto do you think this could be the reason why i am getting no playback in nero, and causing nero to run unstable.

Ifso, do you know where i can d-load newer drivers for the card, as i tried nvidea’s website, but they no longer do drivers for that graphics card.

Thank you very much.

Hi all, i found some new drivers for my graphics card, and all is now working fine.

A BIG thanks to all you that helped me, i would never have known without your help.

Thank you.

:clap: Thats good!!