Nero help needed

greetings all , ive always used nero express and nero vision, my dvds would always loop back to the beginning when finished playing, now they do not

i have no idea how to correct this as i think ive looked thru all the menus trying to find something that would cause it to stop looping but no luck

i really prefer that my dvds loop from the end back to the beginning, especially when i make music video dvds and whatnot

any help would be greatly appreciated, thnx in advance

The screen shot is NV5. Under “Customize”, the arrow is pointing to an advanced feature which enables the additional drop-down menus. I think that is what you’re looking for.

hmmm hopefully that might be it but i have a feeling that its not, i never create menus at all for my discs and in nero express there is not the option for that, just in vision. i am also only using nero vision 4 something, i dont think its menu options get that intricate