Nero help/ MP3 converter Question

Hello. I’ve download the full version of a program called Nero. I have windows 98, not windows xp. I’ve downloaded my MP3 collection to discs and though my computer recognizes and plays the tunes, my DVD player won’t. I’ve burnt MP3 archive files on CD-R discs in the past and they play just fine on comp or DVD/MP3 player. I’m assuming I actually have burnt the MP3s onto disc, however, I tried to burn a CD with all the trimmings, you know, trimming the gaps at the begining and/or end of MP3s, adjusting the audio etc. The online help function says that there is an “audio editor” option that is supposed to appear under “properties” when one right clicks on a tune selected for burning. I see no such feature. Also, Nero claims one does not have to convert to wav as it automatically does it while burning. I’m doubtful of this since, as stated, my MP3s don’t even show up on a menu on anything other than my comp.

Also, in regards to Nero what is the difference between the “track at once” and the “disc at once” features? Should I be downloading Nero upgrades?

Does anyone know of a good program to download (free hopefully) so I may try it out and burn a CD that will play anywhere? Or a simple MP3 to wav converter would help. There does not seem to be the plethora of choices there once was. My brother used to have the easiest, free converter/burner combo years ago, I wish I could remember it’s/their name.

Any help would be appreciated. Sorry If my topic has been covered, it’s been awhile since I’ve been here. Thank you. :bow:

*I’m adding this after seeing an entire section on Nero. I’m so green, it mostly reads like greek to me. Stuff about batch files, multi sessions etc. Please forward my post there if you wish. I’ll read on, hopefully I’ll find (and understand :confused: ) some answers.

Nevermind. After a quick review, I found that all I got from this site were snide asides and attitude assesment from those in no position to judge. In regards to my last question over a month ago, I simply re-installed windows. End of problem.After an initial backhanded, no help remark by someone, my post went over 22hrs without response, until I threw a few insults, then the replies flooded in. Nevermind, I’ll solve this on my own without “taking it to a PC repair shop” as was the lamest suggestion on the old thread. Posts are answered here on an uneven rate…at best. I see multiple responses from posts made 1hr ago. CD freaks, indeed. :Z

Are you using the CD-ROM (ISO) or AudioCD mode when trying to burn your MP3 CDs? To burn mp3’s onto a CD AND KEEP THE MP3 FORMAT, you MUST use the CD-ROM (ISO) mode. That is, you must burn the CD as a data CD. Nero will then no longer convert your mp3’s into wave files.

When you select the audioCD function, Nero is told to create a standard audio CD. The file format on all “regular” CD’s is wave, and thus Nero will convert your mp3’s to wave in order to create the audioCD. This explains why you must use the CD-ROM (ISO) mode to burn your mp3’s on a disc to keep the mp3 format.

Nero is as simple as a program gets to make audioCD’s from mp3’s. Simply select AudioCD and then drag your mp3’s into the window to burn. If you right click on a track here, you should see the Audio Editor option. If you don’t, check the version of Nero that you have and make sure you downloaded the full version. If I’m not mistaken, the true full version comes as two or three different files.

Please let me know if I can be of any more help…

I should point out the important difference between your first question (creating a CD with mp3’s on it to play on your DVD plaer) and your question about burning a CD that plays everywhere.

The first is called an “MP3 CD” and is created by Nero using the “CD-ROM (ISO)” option and dragging your mp3’s into the window. The second is what one would typically refer to as a regular audioCD and is created using Nero’s “AudioCD” option.

As I stated above, the first mode will NOT convert your mp3’s into wav. However, this mode has NO audio editor option, as Nero does not edit mp3’s. However, the second mode does have the audio editor option, but (if I recall correctly) Nero will convert the file to wave in order for you to edit. Don’t worry…it’s going to convert the file to wave eventually (IT HAS TO!).

Baron Saturday; Open up your Nero Startsmart. Make sure you have CD selected. On the lefthand side you’ll see 3 dropdown menus. Click on Applications then Nero Wave Editor. This where you can Edit your mp3’s. When you are finished if you click save it will replace the old file withthe new Edited version. If you click on the “Edit” button in the upper left corner then “Copy to File” you can make a new file & save the original. The “Track at once” & the “Disc at once” I’m not sure about, so I won’t even try. Yes, you should get all the updates. They work to improve compatability problems at Nero & thats part of what the updates do. Just keep playing with it & you’ll get the hang of it. Remember the “edit” than “copy to file” thing that way you never lose the original & can always delete everything & start over. :smiley: :cool: