***nero Help**~dvd To Avi

hey everyone wants to know to how to turn the .avi file in video_TS and burn it, but not me. I want to do the exact oppposite.
how do you turn the Video_TS file into 1 .AVI file?
I have nero and a NEC 3500A DVD burner

Thank you for your assistance!

~Desi Pr!nce

the only thing with nero you can do is convert to Nero Digital, that’s
similar to avi, but with better quality. To get real avi files, you could use
tools like AutoGK, Vidomi or EasyDivx. Have a look at videohelp.com there you’ll find lots of
tools listed :wink:

you can open Nero Vision Express and import your DVD disc (Import disc) and import the title you want. Then select the title and then press the export button. Then you will be able to select a template to export to. Select the custom template and then use the AVI format with the resolution and fps of your choice.

Thanks, MikeKoo, always wanted to do this myself.


Agreed. This is very handy.

To date I have done this using virtualdub-mpeg2 which is freeware (after ripping dvd as a single mpeg2 file using Nero Vision Express or similar).

Virtualdub-MPEG2 will allow you to offset the audio track, and/or change the video framerate which enables you to re-synchronise audio with video if they get out of kilter. This would be a good development for Nero Recode.

Hi Mike, I am also interested in converting DVD to AVI. I have Nero Vision Express 3, but which part do I use, theres MAKE DVD, MAKE CD, MAKE MOVIE, MAKE SLIDE SHOW, etc… I tryied using the make DVD, found how to import but I cannot find how or the link to export. Could you give me a bit more of a clue, or am I using the wrong version. thanks from loungelizard