Nero Hell!



I’ve been battling Nero all weekend. I’m trying to convert my DV tapes to DVD but Nero keeps on freezing on me and I have to reboot. I started with Nero 7 and after finally getting the DV onto the HD (one in .avi the other in MPEG-2) I tried auto chapter generation. The first time it ran fine generating all the chapters then froze, next attempt it froze as soon as it got to the chapter-generating screen. I gave uninstalling (via control panel) and reinstalling Nero 7 a go. Result, it froze during the chapter generation. I then uninstalled and reinstalled again this time with Nero 6. Result, chapter creation worked and I saved the project (before it froze again). Then I created the menu. Naturally it froze several times, but eventually I got a there. Now I’m up to burning the bugger to DVD. Guess what ? It freezes after 3:12 of elapsed time, every time. Now I know my machine is capable of making a DVD as it has managed this feat once, but even then it involved copious rebooting.

Can someone deliver me from Nero hell? :a

I’m running Windows 2000 fully patched on a 700mhz Duron with 512M of RAM and about 80Gig of free space. (Not the flashest of specs I know but its all I can afford at the moment)


I’ve run the machine in safe mode and Nero behaved itself and produced a DVD with no freezes. So now I can pretty well rule out hardware problems (CPU overheating or bad memory) and look at software. If Nero runs OK in safe mode then Nero itself must be OK, it must be other applications or drivers interfering and causing the freezes. There are no driver problems listed in the system information and all other applications seem to run with out freezing. I will start by looking at the video driver and see if I can get a latter one. Does any one know of any applications or drivers that can cause problems for Nero?


Well…dunno about using Nero for DV tapes to DVD. I use Premiere for that…it´s resource hungry but works and has quite nice editing possibilities.
Nero 7 has been weird from its release…maybe most bugs fixed by now (very recent major update…check it if you haven´t).
One question…is it really freezing or just running really really slowly? Try a task that doesn´t involve more than a gig, and leave it running…go to bed and check it in the morning (I sometimes get long delays with Premiere).


Actually I’m on Nero 6 at the moment. But will get the latest Nero 7 soon.
Yes it is really freezing, elapsed time stops mouse stops Ctr+Alt+Del stops and no matter how long I leave it it still is frozen. But if works fine in safe mode!


I think I’ve escaped Nero Hell! I updated my OS from ME to Windows 2000 a few months back but didn’t update the video card driver because the screen worked fine, all the programs worked fine and there was no driver error shown in the driver system administration window. When I loaded Nero the freezes started. The ME graphics card driver must have been OK in almost all Windows 2000 situations apart from some generated by Nero. Since installing the Windows 2000 graphics card dirver the freezes have disappeared and I can convert my DV tapes to DVD without problems.

What have I learned? Always use the correct driver for the OS, regardless of the absence of problems or driver errors. Otherwise the driver will bite one day!


Actually Windows 2000 must have included a (old) driver for my video card but it was not up to running Nero 100%. The updated manufacturers driver did.