Nero having buffer issues and slow burning



My hard drives are fine, ive done this while they were being moderately used and even heavily used before and been able to burn CD’s/DVD’s ok.

Now whenever I burn anything, be it CD or DVD (been using the same media spindles for quiet some time already) neros buffer starts going down, followed by the devices buffer (though I dunno how much I trust neros accounting of the drive itselfs buffer). CPU usage is low (no spyware, adware or virueses on my comp). Ive even watched the task manager for a whole burn, nothing spiked above 50%.

Ive got a NEC 3500 with some RPC-1 firmware (think riplock removal as well) and a Lite-On SOHR-5239S. This seems to happen when burning DVDs on the NEC as well as CD’s on the Lite-On.

Also when checking after a burn my NEC drive rarely gets above 2.4X… even on data dvds (just avi files or whatever).

I don’t think this started once I upgraded my mobo from an asus a7n8x-dx 1.04 to an Abit NS7-S 2, but it did start not more than a month after (i did re-install windows XP in case your wondering).

Using nero


Im going to lay off the overclocking for a bit and see if that fixes it.

Oh and I have a gig of ram, usually less than 400 megs used.


@ jdub
Have you checked your DMA recently? Your ‘current transfer mode’ should be at least ‘Ultra DMA Mode 2’ for your burners and ‘UDMA5’ for your HDDs. let us know if this helps.


Yes thats all in order.


@ jdub
you could try to fall back the IDE drivers to the microsoft versions…Nforce drivers have been known to cause conflicts in some systems

If that fails, post the burn(or error) log after removing your serial number from the top, save as a .txt file and attach using the 'manage attachments; button in the ‘go advanced’ reply window. Also post a nero infotool output as a .txt file


Just wanted to add a “Me Too” to this post. I’m having a similar problem with my Abit NF7-S mobo and an NEC-3520AW. I flashed the drive from firmware 1.04 to 3.04 yesterday, but no improvement. The other NEC drives I’ve had to date have not shown this problem.
I tried the latest nForce drivers today. No improvement.
Ultra DMA Mode 2 is what’s set.
The daft thing is that DVDDecrypter shows the same problem. Restart the PC and DVDDecrypter works fine. As soon as Nero boots up, it all goes to rats. DVDDecrypter gets broken too.
Nero v6.6.0.13
Will try reverting to the MS drivers and report back

Oh, as a quick P.S., the read speed on verify is usually less than 2x.


BTC drives used to suffer these propblems a lot - vist the BTC forums and search there advice.