Nero has lots of problems



I haven’t gotten a single successful copy while using Nero I have a Philips PCA460RW set to IDE PIO 2 and Auto-Insert disabled. I disabled UDMA and set my typical role as a network server. I AM NOT A NEWBIE and I wanted to know if anyone else is having this problem. When I copy a regular audio cd, it stops halfway.


I’m using Nero 4070 and no problems! But a while ago I also had problems! But with every burning-progy! Someone told me that I must be sure that my writer was connected on the 2e IDE-connector as a master!!! (Ofcourse HD on first IDE-conn. as a master!)
And it worked!
Good luck!

(ps.I had burned about 6 months with my writer installed like that with no problems, and then it just stopped!)


That’s the thing, I got a new case and a new soundcard, and a new hard drive so I hooked up everything differently to make room. I put my main HD with Win98 on my primary IDE channel and set to master, and my other HD on the primary channel set as slave. My CDRW drive is the master on the Secondary channel and my Toshiba 6402B CDROM is slave on the second channel. CDRWIN, WinOnCD, Fireburner and others all work fine, but Nero just won’t give me crap. I like Nero cuz of the options and power, but it just won’t work. I know someone can help, so speak up!


just switch the CDRW to slave on your 2nd IDE
and the Toshiba cdrom as master.
I set up like that on my system when I got an extra HD and Nero works fine.


That’s not a bad idea dungdakao, but Philips said to keep it as master. Oh well, screw Philips, I need good burns!!!


i got cdrw as primiary slave and it always worked fine. then, using nero, it stopped copying cds - hangs up while burning, after succesful simulation. heard that this version of nero sucks. there’s new however but haven’t try to copy cd with it yet.



My writer is Secondary Master, no problems with any version of Nero, ever. Put 4083 on today (I always update!).
ps, I have all drive options ticked (DMA, Disconnect) etc.


Latest nero is still the same


Almost all of the audio cds I have copied with nero come out fucked in some way. not so much with data but like half the cd players I have put them in (computer and my stero) have played them wrong some how

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I mean the same as mattel007!
It`s the same.
Have fun

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#11 did the trick for me, but Ahead is coming out with version 5 sometime this month (Feb.) so stay tuned for more info.


Nero 4083 seems to be a lot more stable for data burning!!! let’s hope it will be the same for audio in the 5-version…


Nero is the best !!!


Never had a problem with nero, its the best to me.

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