Nero has been good to me

I am no burning genius. I don’t fully grasp all the tech details of the anti-copy systems out there.
I have several computers in various locations within my state. Obviously I don’t want to carry around disks all day, nor do I want to risk losing them, letting the sun cook them, etc.

I just wanted to say that I have used Nero successfully for almost every single backup of my software - UT2003, UT2004, Call Of Duty, PainKiller, Splinter Cell: Pandora, so on and so on.

Only recently did I have to resort to Alcohol 120% for True Crime.
[ Personally I wish I could get my money back for that lousy game :slight_smile: ]

Have I just been lucky? I feel like I am missing something…lol

It sounds like you have been extremely lucky. I’m no expert either, but to my knowledge, Nero does not have the ability to copy protected games. Call of Duty and Splinter Cell: PT use recent versions of Safedisc which is difficult to copy with even the best burners and backup software. How exactly did you go about copying them?

…lemme guess. And then you woke up? :smiley: