Nero Has A Prob With Writing To DL

dont now if this had been posted ? sorry if it has

Link doesn’t work.

it did earlier , looks like cdrinfo is having probs

update they having taking off there web site ??

wierd why they have taken it dwn ? well any ways it said that nero have had a lot of reports of problems when writing to DL media and that some dvd players wont play past the point when it changes to the next layer and the best thing to do is chapter skip that exact point when it changes over for it to play to the end , and that there working on a fix

Do you recall what version of Nero they were talking about?
I am using Nero and I just did my first DL +R burn on Verbatim media on my Liteon 832s using Vs08 firmware. I didn’t watch the movie fully I just watched a few parts.

I have to watch it fully to see if I have issues.

It might have been a link to an older story about Nero having problems. The first version that supported dual layer (the one Sony shipped with the DRU-700A) apparently had problems. They posted a special build for Sony on their FTP site to address the issue then released a new version shortly thereafter. I think that fixed version was

no it was the l8test version , i emailed cdrinfo and this is what they said

Firstly the problem which our user sent us via email, seems to exist but
according to some tests I made yesterday I couldn’t confirm for sure that is
really happened so I remove the post until make more test in different
drives and media.

If I really ensure the problem I will post back the post.


David Williams

I have only burnt 1 DL+R disk using Nero and so far from my 6 minutes I watched it looks fine. I need to watch the movie in full to find out if there is a problem.

Also, I can always fall back to the free solution of using DVD Decrypter for burning DL+R media.

Yes I have just test it and Movie frozen at 50%

I can give you more details about drive, media and Nero Version.

I can send the disk to cdfreaks labs for testing, but I am sure that your labs can examine and strike it easily.


I came across this post because every dual layer media that I have burned with the Nero Express that came with my drive freezes at the layer break for my Benq 1620. It does not freeze when I use DVD decrypter and burn an iso image. I just got a Benq 1640 and it did not freeze at the layer break using Nero Express, but the chapter before the layer repeated. Has anybody ever figured out what the issue is with this? Can Nero Express actually burn dual layer movies without issues at the layer break? I am currently using Nero I never have problems with single layer media movie burns. Thanks for your time.

This is hardly a scientific study but I recently took the DL plunge, just to try out this too expensive (for me) method of backing up some files. Found some Memorex rated at 2.4X on sale, US$9.99 for 3, to try them out. I know this isn’t the best DL media. Media code is Ritek D-01.
The first burn, 8000MB Data Files, on NERO burned @ 4X was reported as successful but could not be read back on my Pioneer DVR-110-D or two other burners. It froze at the typical 50% layer break.
Next, for comparison, I burned the same files, on Sonic Record Now! @ 4X and the disc played fine on everything.
Bottom Line: Sonic Record Now!- 1, NERO-0.