Nero hangs with UDMA, OK with MWDMA

History: I’ve had some trouble getting Ultra DMA to work with my new DW1640 (Benq 1640 rebadge), first swapping the cable for an 80 conductor, then moving from secondary to primary IDE channel (VIA 686B southbridge). Finally, I did get it working on UDMA mode 2 instead of Multiword DMA mode 2. I can read from the drive using Windows (98SE) explorer, and everything seems fine.

However, if I try to burn or run a CD Speed benchmark in Nero, the program hangs and the drive locks up. The locked drive won’t allow Windows to shutdown normally, and I have to hit the reset to reboot. When I back the speed back down to MWDMA2, everything is fine again.

Has anyone else had problems with Nero and UDMA on a DVD burner in Windows 98SE (is anyone else out there still using Win98)?

Try to upgrade your M/B bios and if you have Nvida chipset M/B and have installed Nvida drivers for IDE Controllers try to uninstall those drivers and have window install MS drivers for your IDE conteroller.

Edit: Also read the following thread fro any answer also.

The motherboard IDE chipset is VIA, not NVidia, and I did update the VIA drivers to the latest available for Win98.

I have thought about flashing the motherboard BIOS, since there is one newer version before it stopped being updated.

I also tried updating the ASPI driver, since I started to suspect that.

The problem is only with Nero, everything else seems to work OK in UDMA Mode 2, but all Nero programs hang on it, but work OK if I back down to MWDMA Mode 2. Its got to be a problem with Nero, but I can’t seem to fix it. I might just have to live with the lower speed until I upgrade to a new computer next year. The slower DMA mode might limit my top speed to 10-12X on a 16X drive. Oh well. And Microsoft is officially dumping support of Windows 98 in July, so this computer is nearly obsolete anyway. :frowning:

Did you try TCAS’s suggestion and remove the VIA IDE driver and use the Microsoft IDE driver instead? I doubt this is a Nero problem.

OK, I went ahead and flashed my motherboard to the latest available BIOS. This did add a new BIOS setting “Enable CD-ROM UDMA”. So I did. And I was able to get the burner running in UDMA on the secondary channel. However, the interface is unreliable and produces sporadic errors. But I can use Nero applications in UDMA on the secondary channel. As soon as I move back to the primary channel, Nero locks up (with CD-ROM UDMA enabled in the BIOS). But other non-Nero applications work without errors using the drive on the primary channel. So now I’m convinced it is a problem with Nero and not the hardware.

For now, the burner is back on the secondary channel running at MWDMA mode 2. So my 16X burner will max out at about 10.5X due to the DMA channel bandwidth.

What version of Nero and what is the processor you’ve got?

Nero 6.6
Athlon Thunderbird 1.33GHz CPU

I think I’d try updating Nero to if 98SE will work with it.

Sorry, that is the version I’m using:

Maybe version 7? Does it work with 98SE?

I personally wouldn’t touch V7 yet, so many problems have been reported with it. are the best available currently IMO.