Nero hangs while burning data cd (newbie alert)


I just did a fresh reinstall of Win XP on my home system and I’m not able to burn a data CD using my internal Lite-On CD RW. Prior to this, it worked fine (was able to burn both data cd and music mixes). What happens now is I throw in a clean CD to be written. When I use Nero, software pops up saying everything is cool and does the image thing and then it hangs during the buffering stage. My CD-RW drive just spins like crazy but never gets beyond the buffering stage. I have to reboot to stop the CD from spinning.

When I use regular windows explorer, it allows me to drag file over to CD drive and asks if I would like to burn it. I say ‘yes’ and it starts. It soon craps out, ejects CD and tells me it can’t complete the process. I right clicked on the drive leter in My Computer and it appears it’s setup as a writable CD. The only thing I did was update the firmware but is there some XP service that has to be enabled or is there some type of driver I need? I have WinXP Home edition and I just assumed all support was integrated or native to WinXP to allow cd burning by simplying dragging and dropping in windows. Thanks for any tips or help.


problem fixed.

Hi yarbles, I am facing the same problem. How did you fixed it? - SLKJain