NERO hangs when trying to write DVDs - latest and older versions

Using Memorex(RICOH) DVD writer.
It writes CDs fine but 5510 and 5515a latest version
just hangs when its supposed to start writing.
I have to reboot to get out of NERO.

I have used up until last week, Nero version for DVDR burning without any problems what so ever. I just upgraded to ver and its behaving exactlt the same, problem free.

Uninstal and try the 5590 version. A google search will find it for you.

It does it in two other software progs - EZCD 6.0 and another one. Gets to the writing preliminary functions and then freezes.
I only had 3gigs free on my C drive so then I moved the
cache path for NERO to H: which also had 3 gigs free
and suddenly it got farther in the process. It went through through the preps and didnt freeze, but right before writing it freezes again.

Could it need even more space ?

Not really sure sure whats going on. Im thinking of
trying to write a small file with MY DVD the software that
came with it. NERO is supposed to support this drive
for while now.