Nero Hangs @ Verification 1620 TYG02

It seems that Nero just wont verify any TYG02 disc burned in my BenQ 1620, ive also got another 1620 in a different PC (not in sig) and its been doing the same on TYG02, when i scan the disc the burn looks great 97%-99% scores, but it just wont verfiy it gets stuck at 1% sometimes 3%, a few weeks ago it would sometimes verify other times it wouldnt, now it just wont, never get any errors on verification it just gets stuck and the counter ticks on and the drive light flashes inconsistently, both are converted Philips 1640P’s, ive already had to take one back as it screwed up, does it look like these drives are doomed aswell? as i say burns are great and doesnt seem to happen on other types of disc, is verification really that important if the scan and speed test are good?

I don’t remember when the last time I verify a disc… hmm, maybe 3 years ago. :confused: The answer is no Mr. Brownstone. If quality scan and transfer rate are good, then I wouldn’t worry about disc verification.

that’s not entirely true, I have several discs with quality score above 97 but contain errors when using scandisc.

My Nero also hangs when I try to use verify or scandisc. The strange thing is sometimes it won’t hang and sometimes it will. The CD-DVD speed I’m using is 4.07 and when i switch to 3.80 there is no such problem. I have yet to figure out what the cause is if anyone knows why please help.