Nero hangs on clicking burn


I am trying to use my new NEC 3500A but Nero ( just hangs when I click burn.

System specs:
Motherboard: Intel D875PBZ (875P)
CD/DVD: NEC 3500A (Primary Master), Sony DDU1613 (Secondary Master)
HDD: Western Digital 120GB (SATA)
OS: Windows XP SP2

This is pretty annoying, so any ideas would be appreciated!

I just tried burning a different compilation and it worked :slight_smile: , so at least I know my new drive is OK. I guess this means there is something wrong with the files I am trying to burn - any ideas?

False alarm - it turns out that Nero was just taking a really long time (~10mins) to start burning. This was a large compilation (40,000 files) so I guess that might be normal.