Nero Hangs 3500a?

Hey guys,

I just got a 3500a and I really haven’t had the chance to test many things out. However, I got a 5 pack of free DVD’s from NewEgg (so they are cheapo) and out of the five i’ve been able to successfully burn two different DVD movies. However the first movie burned to 98%, hung, and then I had to restart my computer to get the DVD out and it still played?! Then, I burned the second movie, without any problems.

The third movie, I opened in DVD Shrink and got a bad VOB file error, so I opened VOBBlanker and removed any blank instances and extra stuff i didn’t need. Then went back to DVD Shrink and it loaded up fine. Went to burn and it hung at 89% all night. Coaster!!, then tried again using Nero, same thing, got to 20% this time and it hung, and Coaster!

Successfully I’ve burned 2 dvd’s, however the other 2 have turned into coasters due to the “hanging” issue. Plus, after it hangs, I have to restart my computer just to end the process and get the DVD out, is that normal?

What version of Nero?

Latest version, 6.2.3 or whatever it is.

sorry, it’s version

You need

it is i didn’t know the “0” was necessary, however do you have any idea whats causing my problem? Could it be bad VOB files, bad media?

I don’t know, you haven’t told me what type of media and MID you are using.

Read through the troubleshooting guide and let me know what steps you have taken.

They are NewEgg dvd’s.

Please tell us the exact media name and mediacode, you can see with DVD Identifier or DVDInfoPro. Information that you bought your media from NewEgg means NOTHING to anyone.

RITEKG04, Ritek Co., and the code is Unrestricted use: Consumer Purpose


Does this help any?