Nero H.264 Player? in US

I currently own a philips 642 but I’m more than ready to switch to Nerodigitals H.264 codec. I want to switch because encoding times are way faster than Y12 .avi recording with the same quality. Does anyone know of a player I can purchase a player in US that will play my existing .avi files and .mp4 nero digital files? I already have a Xbox that will run them but I would prefer a better player because modded Xbox’s are picky about media faster than 4x. Thank you for all your time, I have looked for everywere on nerodigitals website, it looks like Europeans are the only ones with Nerodigital players.

I had that Phillips and it is awful, bad picture quality with DVD’s… I took it back and got the LG-LDA-511 and it plays everything I have with EXCELLENT PQ.