Nero Greys out sidebar and taskbar in vista

Whenever I start nero in Vista the sidebar and taskbar background turn to grey. Using nVidia Geforce 7800gt, 7900GS and 7950GT with latest vista drivers but this also happenned using Vista RC1 and with previous versions of nero. Doesn’t effect functionality just looks like SH**.

I don’t have this problem with WinXP MCE 2005.


So you are using the March 2 Nvidia drivers?

I did not see that behavior in Vista, but I seem to remember certain types of applications can cause the aero glass to stop working. I was running a 6800 though. Is it all of the Nero Applications that cause it?

One thing you might check, is Nero has a problem with the DPI setting if it is not default 96 DPI. You might check and make sure yours is set that way. Your problem has not been been caused by this setting as far as I know, but you might check anyway.

Do you have the Burn gadget in the Sidebar? Just asking in case it might be relevant.

You don’t have it set to run in some compatibility mode, do you?

That was it. 96DPI (default) works fine. 120DPI (secondary default) or a custom DPI will cause a grey condition when opening Nero. I have a 19" LCD so I hope nero fixes this before I go BLIND!!! I sent a message to Nero support

Not fixed in the latest update

Not fixed in the latest update

I agree, tried it with same result.

I wonder if someone at nero has a relative who is an optometrist