Nero generic write control coaster on 401S


when generic write control is enabled in nero 6 my liteon 401S makes coaster. what is this option and is it only my drive or all liteon.

Also is there a way to get my DVD+rw to work again after failing a write it is not being detected and does not allow me to erase it.

any help apreciated.


“Generic write control”? That does not sound like your drive’s being recognized properly!? Which version of Nero have you tried?

nero 6.0.19

Strange thing. At least this version does support your drive. Anyway, I searched all dialogues but yould not find an option called “generic write control”. Where the heck is it?

BTW: I cannot access the posted picture.

Okay, got it. Two options: Generic write control could be a feature, when Nero does not detect the buffer underrun mechanism. Possibility two: it could be the Smart-X feature that is not being detected by Nero. In this case I recommend to disable this feature as Smart-X does the same as Smart-Burn except for the “Optimized Data Extraction in speed on CD-DA/VCD” (whoever needs that).

I have this option, too. Furthermore it produces no coasters although I own the same drive. This could be for several reasons. Just make sure, that you drive has the latest firmware and your chipset is supported by the latest drivers (Intel inf updater or via 4in1 driver for example).